The Issues

Why I’m Running/Issues

I want to change this us-versus-them, two party system and get back to fighting for issues that help all residents in our district.  I am running as a DFL candidate, but I also have libertarian ideas when it comes to people’s personal freedoms.  I want a public healthcare option, but I also want less regulations on cannabis, and I fully support our 2nd amendment rights.  I want to serve all of senate district 15, not one side or the other, and I welcome all ideas from every part of our district. 

I do not seek to be a showboat or grow a statewide profile to further my ambitions. Instead, I will be laser-focused on representing you, my constituents, in St. Paul and addressing the unique needs of SD15.

Healthcare for Everyone

I will support a Healthcare system that all Minnesotans will be proud of.  Healthcare has become far too costly and complicated, and we need sweeping reform in our state.  I will fight to eliminate copays, deductibles, surprise billing, and price gouging from the pharmaceutical companies.

Good Jobs with Good Pay

Unions are our best way to obtain a living wage and good benefits.  Unions also use their freedom to collectively bargain to improve safety in the workplace.  I will support and encourage more unionization in our district, and I will oppose any so-called Right-to-Work legislation.

Strong Family Farms

I will support small and mid-size family farming in our district.  We need to maintain and strengthen tax benefits for farmers and their lands.  We need to look to the future of farming and allow industrial hemp production in our state.

Vibrant Towns and Communities

Cities across Senate District 15, from Clearwater to Isle, are home to strong community bonds, vibrant small businesses, and deep wells of optimism, but need support from the state to flourish. By investing in road and water infrastructure and creating new ways for entrepreneurs to grow their dreams, I will help local leaders build more vibrant economies, so our main streets stay strong.

Excellent Public Education            

Public schools are the heart of our communities and teachers are the lifeblood that keep them pumping. I will support full, equitable funding for all districts regardless of the income level of their students. Teachers should be respected and paid as professionals, not scapegoated for systemic shortcomings.